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"We make angels - in the service of civilization. Yes, there were bad angels once, I make good angels now. That is how I took us to nine new worlds. Nine - a child can count to nine on fingers. We should own the stars! " (Niander Wallace)


A Live Session Film Directed By Autotuna

"The Castaway Session" is a live session film directed by Autotuna. During discussions with singer and music director Gummy B, we aimed to find a session direction that combines both visually and culturally appealing. We wanted to blend the simplicity and tradition of “Tiny Desk” with cinematic framing and camera language. In the end, we discovered a visual, musical, and performance fusion that unfolds through three chapters, illustrating Gummy B's psychological transformation after the competition. 

截圖 2023-08-20 下午5.02.21.png
截圖 2023-08-20 下午5.02.41.png
截圖 2023-08-20 下午5.03.01.png
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