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Project Manager & Executive Producer


We are a team consisting of talented youths based in Taipei, who are specialized in various fields. 



a 23-year-old director who possesses a remarkable creative sensibility and engaging storytelling approach. His works are imbued with a distinct sci-fi aesthetic and employ deconstructive narrative techniques. With innovative sound design and narrative structures, in 2022, he took on the role of director for the global advertising campaign of Giant Bicycles. And also served as the artistic director for an A-list artist ØZI's concerts, and the creative director for the album of the independent band "Papun".


Collaborating with renowned artists such as Jolin Tsai, Liu Guan Ting, Trout fresh , 831 , as well as brands like Samsung, ASUS, and Giant Bicycles.



a 23-year-old emerging director who specializes in film photography, with a focus on film tone and European aesthetics. His works feature rich artistic compositions and excellent musicality, creating visuals that balance commercial value and artistic expression. He has a deep understanding of color aesthetics and personally oversees the color grading of numerous mainstream music videos and advertising campaigns.

Collaborating with artists and brands such as Nickthereal, wannasleep, GummyB, Shou, PChome, and Mixer, and also serve as the official visual director for the contemporary art label “NIGHTONLYSTUDIO".

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