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"No Love" is a music video directed by ALX112, telling the story of a cold-hearted professional assassin who discovers, during a mission, that the target of their assignment is their long-lost childhood love, resulting in a beautiful tale of love and longing. Art direction by A9ZK and edited by SMALLFING.

" The accessories inside the suitcase include multiple passports, various identity cards from different nationalities, each with different headshots. There are international envelopes and a leather jacket, among other items. The aim is to emphasize the character's adeptness at switching between multiple identities, crafting an ambiance of a relentless bounty hunter who seems detached and without attachments. The contrast becomes more potent when memories resurface after encountering the female protagonist."

A9ZK, Art Director


"Carrying a discreet letter-opening knife and envelopes tucked under old diner tables, the character's profession is not one that seeks the spotlight but is profoundly cautious, intensifying the atmosphere of assassination.

For the firearm, a Makarov pistol is chosen, a common early Soviet handgun now often associated with criminal organizations. It's also frequently used by secret agents in movies, aiming to enhance the character's enigmatic aura."

A9ZK, Art Director

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